Security is a major concern in many a neighborhood around the country, so installing a secret security camera is always a welcome idea. The safety and security that CCTV cameras provide is very important for many homeowners and their families. 

The use of CCTV cameras isn't just restricted to individuals or homes; nowadays, even factories and companies use these cameras for many different purposes. Security cameras are used to help curb thefts as well as security breaches. It is also imperative for organizations to always monitor the goings-on in and around the place. 

CCTV camera types 

Since there are many different security cameras for a wide variety of purposes, no wonder there are endless varieties of hidden security cameras on the market. 

CCTV Singapore cameras come in different designs, sizes, ranges, and longevity, so it's important to choose one based on its use. For example, security cameras that are used on traffic signs are vastly different from the ones that are installed in homes or factories, etc. Here's a basic list of the most common purposes of different kinds of CCTV cameras. 

Traffic light cameras help provide covert surveillance as well as traffic safety. 

Surveillance cameras are installed in factories to monitor workers and employees from afar. 

Outdoor surveillance cameras mainly help to prevent and detect crimes. 

Home cctv cameras help to secure homes from burglars and thieves. 

Based on the above uses, you can purchase a decent security camera for your house or other use. You can also choose from wireless and wired security cameras. Wireless are suitable for those who intend to change the camera's position from time to time. On the flipside, if you have no intention of moving the camera around and just want it to stay in a fixed spot, choose a wired camera. Know more facts about CCTV cameras at 

Wired security cameras connect to monitors via coaxial cables while wireless security cameras don't require cable connection to monitors. In both cameras, the quality of images may deteriorate with distance. 

You can also acquire a dummy or fake camera. This looks just like a genuine camera because it simulates the function of a surveillance camera in an area. While fake cameras don't serve any purpose at all, they may help deter crime, particularly in neighborhoods with low crime rates. When purchasing a dummy camera, however, choose one that really looks authentic; some seem more authentic than others. 


With the huge number of different security cameras on the market, you don't have to worry about security issues any more. Even if you're not able to prevent something from happening, at least you have the chance to see it yourself and take the necessary steps, thanks to CCTV cameras.